About me


My work

My main experience and knowledge is in the management field, especially management for software development. I have been leading software development teams for the past six years, starting with a team of 3 people and currently leading a team of 37 people (software engineers, QA engineers, project leaders, QA leaders and architects) spread geographically in two countries.

I love to motivate people and to lead them toward a goal but most of all I love seeing them better themselves.

I believe that a person goes faster in the direction he chooses than in the direction you want her to go. So the role of a leader is to present the goal and then assist the team in choosing their specific way to reach it.

I also believe that a leader should always put trust in his team and in each and every team member. By doing so, he challenges the people he works with to live and work according to his expectations.

I have learned during the years that you gain more when you support and you trust an employee (even a low performing one) than when you underline his mistakes. By underlying one’s mistakes and putting the blame, you gain on short term, but if you want to build an efficient team on long term, you need to support and encourage the team. You may not get fast results but it is an investment in the future that will pay off.


My passions

I am very passionate about the human mind:

-      its link with the body and the senses,

-       how it determines our behavior,

-       the learning process,

-      what changes the way we think and act,

-      how we can better ourselves just by changing our mind,

-      how can we find happiness just by changing our mind,

-      how are we interconnected with other people and how can we benefit from that.

I think the mind (human and not only) is a great mystery that we are only beginning to understand.  I am also fascinated about the eastern cultures and the way they see the mind and the link between the mind and the body.

I enjoy very much teaching and coaching people. During a coaching session (and not only), I enjoy hearing their thoughts, seeing their feelings and emotions, witnessing their struggle and most of all I enjoy seeing their faces glowing when they have an insight. I feel that for me, this is the most rewarding thing I can think of.


My dreams

I dream that someday, the workplace will be transformed into something much more enjoyable for the benefit of both: companies and employees.

I dream that one day I will see only happy people around me.


If you are interested in my CV, you can find it here. If you want to contact me by e-mail or facebook, I would like to hear from you.

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