Celebrate Life

celebrate-life-6I look at myself and around me and I see busy people, trying to gather money, possessions,  trying to improve themselves or trying to be better parents for their children; basically trying to make the most of their lives.

But I feel that we are so trapped in this rush of making the most of our lives that we actually forget what is really important for us. We wake up in the morning and we rush to work and there we have dead-lines, objectives, homework, demanding bosses, upset colleagues, unsatisfied customers and the list can go on. And in the evening we rush back home tired and, if we are lucky not to bring our work home with us, we continue our worry about personal issues. And the week-end comes and another kind of rush begins: shopping, house work and maybe going out to see our friends and have some fun since we are so busy the rest of the week.

And we do so many things, our life seems so full, much fuller than our parents’ or our grandparents’. But is it really everything only about doing?

We are striving too much to create a better life four ourselves and our children and to measure up to expectations that others have set for us and life passes by without us even knowing it.

We are focused so much on the negative part of life, we see threats everywhere and we do everything we can to prevent them. We live in fear; fear that something wrong will happen to us, fear that others are doing better than us, they will pass the finish line before us, fear that we are not good enough.

I feel like we are enrolled in an army, fighting a war that doesn’t exist; a war that we have created, or others have created for us.  Ever since we are little, at home and at school we learn that if we want “to make it” in life, we need to strive, to improve ourselves and to be better than others. But what does it mean “to make it” in life? No matter how we live, the end will be the same for all of us. The only thing that is important is how we spend the time we have here. Taking into account this perspective, do you want to spend your time worrying about dead-lines and angry bosses or would you rather be doing something else?

I think we can discover so many wonderful things in our lives, if we could only stay still for a second. There is so much beauty around us, so many colors, shapes and sounds that go unseen and just wait to fill our lives with joy, if only we would allow it.

And it is simpler than it seems. Most of us do not need to change their lives completely, we just need to change the way we think and the way we see our existence.  We need to stop judging our life situation and just accept it the way it is, go with the flow.  When we start seeing it for what it really is, that’s when we start living.

Start trusting life and it will repay you with infinite joy.

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