The Land of Smiles



It has been a while since I’ve posted on my blog and the reason is a very happy event that took place in my life and that took a lot of my time and energy. On this occasion I got the chance to travel to a land which I will not forget very soon: Thailand.

The tourism motto of Thailand is “The Land of Smiles”. At first it seemed strange for a tropical country that has so much to offer to tourists: extraordinary landscapes, colorful temples, wonderful beaches, very good food. But after a few days spend in the land of smile, I understood why. Everybody is smiling in Thailand, and not so much the tourists, but the locals. I have never seen so many genuine smiles in my entire life as I have seen in a few weeks in Thailand. I have seen people smile so confidently as if they owned the world, and in a way they did.

I do not know if it’s their religion, or the way they are raised as children, but they seem incredibly happy. They look like they enjoy everything they do: from serving the tourists to working in the fields (not to mention the free time). Nothing is unpleasant; nothing is too hard or too tedious.

I really admire them and how they seem to enjoy every moment of their lives. They do not bring upon themselves any bitterness the way we do. We always judge and evaluate ourselves, our position, our bank account and we decide we are not there yet, we need to struggle some more, to fight to get where we want. This happens for the most part of our lives and we miss the most important thing: to live joyful.

In Thailand I have seen the proof that happiness is not linked with the number of zeroes your paycheck has at the end of the month. You can have many, or you can have none, happiness is something we can all have, and nothing and no one can take it away.

Now, after the time spent there and my return home, I would say that Thailand is the land of smiles and of true happiness.

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